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Stardust Pots

Pots in the Stardust range have a single glaze on the outside which can range from a deep blue black with gold speckles to a textured bronze breaking to blue green. The unique glaze variation is often highlighted by spiral lines made whilst the pot is on the wheel.

Wide coffee mugs with gold speckle glaze. Hand thrown in Weymouth by studio potter Lea Phillips

Wide mug

Wide mug in Stardust range

Wide mugs with spirals

Medium jug with spiral design.

Medium jug

Medium bowl in Stardust design. Wheel thrown stoneware bowl by Lea Phillips.

Medium bowl

Large dinner plate with stardust glaze and black trailed decoration.

Large plate

Pint beer tankard

Pint tankard

Beer tankard.

Pint tankard

To purchase an Stardust pot

This is a small sample of the pots available by mail order in the Stardust range. Contact Lea to find out more

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