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New patterns for summer

While I am best known for my domestic pottery I have really enjoyed working in other media this year so I was very pleased to have some of my new designs accepted for display at the Devon Guilds “Pattern” exhibition in Bovey Tracy.

Here is one of the images, "Everything that can happen, happens".

Framed image "Everything that can happen, happens!"

It has been a great motivator to have a deadline to complete the images and all the other essential related jobs; framing, photography and publicity, as well as producing the most coherent set of images in the time available. So after a frantic evening of late night framing it was a relief to drive the work to Bovey Tracy and enjoy a delicious lunch on the roof terrace at the Guild.

My contribution to the exhibition is a set of framed images using crayon and pastel on textured water colour paper. I use light fast Luminance crayons which give lovely vibrant colours in combination with pastels and inscribed lines in the thick textured paper. The technique began as a way of exploring ideas for print making but the crayon drawings have taken on a life of their own and I have so many ideas to pursue I can see myself working in this way for a long time.

The idea for the project began with simple geometry, the relationship between circles and squares. Whilst exploring patterns of shapes and colour in the intersecting lines between the forms I am also seeking to develop a kind of symbolic language to explore themes related to movement, direction and time.

The Exhibition runs throughout August and September and shows interpretations on the theme of Pattern by 16 Guild members in a variety of media. When not working in mixed media I continue to make domestic pots so there will be plenty of these on show in the Guild shop too.

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